Authentic and Original

Eureka Springs stands out as one of the largest creators of original products and experiences in the State of Arkansas. Some may even argue the world. The eclectic mountain village is the original, authentic arts and culture colony of Arkansas dating back to the turn of the century.

What draws people and businesses to Eureka Springs are the things they can’t find or experience anywhere else.  Throughout the state, region and growing nationally and internationally, Eureka Springs carries a wonderful tradition of life at its best!  And when it’s Made in Eureka Springs, the memories that are attached to it are lifelong.


One of a Kind

The history of Eureka Springs is rich – from native American Indians and healing waters to hippies and everything in between and since. Every style of architecture is represented in Eureka Springs. The entire downtown district is on the National Registry of Historic Places with Significance.

You won’t find a stoplight in Eureka Springs – nor will you find two streets that are parallel. Still known as “The City that Water Built”, more than 65 natural springs are showcased in ‘pocket parks’ scattered throughout town with extraordinary landscaping features and historic plaques. The history is twisted, fun and fascinating. The natural surroundings are breath-taking. The vibe and experiences are urban, rural, cosmopolitan and laid back.


Creating is a way of life in Eureka Springs

As you explore our “Made In Eureka Springs” website, you’ll discover how and why our town started out – and has remained – unique and authentic. You’ll meet extraordinary people and learn about interesting products, history, arts, crafts and experiences created only in Eureka Springs.

From our nearly 75 restaurants (and only 3 franchises), our 400 plus artisans and performers, our unique lodging and resort areas, 2 rivers, 2 lakes, the 3rd largest City park per capita in the U.S., Eureka Springs rivals any city in the country for quality of life and diverse experiences.

Explore and Enjoy!